CJ Pearson is the Editor in Chief of cjpearson.org, National Chairman of Teens For Trump, and a leading voice among right-leaning youth in America. CJ identifies as an anti-establishment populist and has supported insurgent candidacies on both sides of the aisle  His writings have appeared in TIME, The Daily Caller, The Daily Beast, and a variety of other national publications. The high school freshman has also appeared on Fox News, The Blaze, Newsmax TV, and the One America News Network. Through his sharp and incisive commentary, delivered both though written forms and orally via his YouTube channel, the fourteen year old has acquired more than 200,000 likes on Facebook, more than 35,000 followers on Twitter, and a hefty 18,000+ subscribers on YouTube and an excess of 5.5 million views. In the past, CJ has been honored for his daunting show of precociousness and has been named to both Red Alert’s 30 under 30 and the Daily Dot’s 20 under 20. Pearson is also a member of the National Association of Black Journalists.