How The Tea Party Became Trumpism

How The Tea Party Became Trumpism

For years, while those in Washington were going along like business as usual, a boisterous movement was bubbling across America. In 2010, the tea party allowed into office conservative underdogs like Marco Rubio, and launched the political careers of the likes of Christine O’Donnell and Rand Paul. While the tea party wave of 2010 may have been an indicator of Trumpism to come, it wasn’t the birth of it.

In 2014, another GOP wave took America by storm, resulting in GOP control of both chambers of Congress.

In the 2014 cycle, Republicans ran on the platform of repealing and replacing Obamacare, building the Keystone Pipeline, and standing in the way of President Obama’s so called illegal, unconstitutional, and nefarious plan to give amnesty to the millions of undocumented immigrants residing within our borders.

I remember these promises quite well. Because while the Washington elite were sunbathing in the rays of power, I was getting sunburn in the rays of the sun — knocking on countless doors across the 12th Congressional District of Georgia peddling the talking points that, “Republicans can fix Washington this time” and asking them to give the party one more chance. They’ll repeal this, pass that, and get this done. Just trust me.

As I flowed through my talking points, the voters were almost uniformly expressionless. It was as if they’ve heard all this before, as if the phrases leaving my mouth had become horribly routine. Or they were wondering why I wasn’t in school.

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