VIDEO: This Liberal Pundit Thinks It's A Distraction For Trump To Bring Up The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

On Wednesday’s NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer once again whined over Donald Trump threatening to bring up Bill Clinton’s sex scandals during a debate with Hillary Clinton: “There’s this other thing that he continues to talk about yesterday, this idea that he did not go there, that he showed restraint against Hillary Clinton when it comes to issues in her marriage. It’s this thing where you get to go there by saying you’re not going there....So is this working?” 

He directed that question to Bloomberg Politics editor Mark Halperin, who assured Matt Lauer: “I don't think it is and I think it’s a distraction from, again, the winning message.” He defined that “winning message” as Trump being the change candidate and warned: “Things like Bill Clinton's personal life, Benghazi, even her can talk about this other stuff, but it’s got to be about issues.

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