OscarsSoWhite And Selective Outrage

OscarsSoWhite And Selective Outrage

As a young boy, I was told the world is mine for the taking and my skin color isn’t an impediment, but an accessory. So when it comes to the ‪#OscarsSoWhite‬ controversy, admittedly, I’m conflicted.

At 7, I dreamed of becoming famous. The endless racks of People Magazine, the red carpet, and hordes of fans screaming the names of famous singers and movie stars made the concept of fame quite appealing. Even second graders strive to be adored and liked by all.

While I’d like to consider my younger self an optimist, I didn’t play games with reality. Being 7, I didn’t necessarily understand if my success would be hindered by the color of my skin. but I did know I’d have to work hard. That principle had been drilled into ever since I could walk. I told myself, “The only way you’ll ever make it is if you can act or sing.”

Sadly, I wasn’t blessed with vocals or dance moves.

But I am quite the drama king. So I settled on acting.

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