CJ Pearson: Media accuses Donald Trump of perpetuating rape culture - let's talk about Bill and Hillary -- Video

Donald Trump-Hillary ClintonIn a video posted to YouTube on Saturday, CJ Pearson addressed the brouhaha surrounding video of lewd comments made by GOP nominee Donald Trump 11 years ago in what he apparently thought was a mano-a-mano conversation about women with Billy Bush -- who happens to be related to Jeb Bush.

"We need to have a conversation," CJ began, recalling the video made public by the Washington Post that has blown up the Internet.

CJ went on to say the things Trump is heard telling Bush are things he hears in his locker room every day.  As an aside, I heard these things -- and more -- during my 10 years in the Marine Corps.  That's not defending those comments, it's just an acknowledgement that males will sometimes engage in that type of conversation.  And yes, women engage in that sort of talk as well.

He continued, observing that the so-called "mainstream media" -- or as I call it, the "Democrat-media complex" -- has decided to accuse Trump of perpetrating a "rape culture" and some have accused him of sexual abuse.  Vice President Joe Biden, for example, falsely accused Trump of "sexual assault" on Twitter, completely redefining the term while engaging in activity that would get anyone else sued for libel.

CJ expressed a certain level of confusion, and rightfully so.  After all, he observed, except for unproven allegations once made by a former wife during a divorce, Trump has never been formally accused or charged of sexual assault while former President Bill Clinton, well-known for his many extra-marital trysts, has been accused of rape, while his wife has been accused of enabling his activity and threatening her husband's victims.

Worse yet, he added, the "complex" generally doesn't touch allegations of abuse by Clinton, leaving it to conservative media types to do the heavy lifting.

"Don't you dare" talk to me about rape culture "if you're not willing to condemn the fact that Bill Clinton is the biggest face of it here in this country," he said.

Here's video of CJ's comments, and it's well worth watching:

"Ignorance is a problem that can only be fixed with information," CJ admonished.  On that point, he's 100 percent correct, but that assumes the individual wants to be informed.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, he said, ARE the faces of rape culture in the country.

Is this controversy having an impact?  A number of squishy Republicans have backed off Trump, but if the results of this poll are any indication, voters aren't buying the media narrative.

Will it make a difference in November?  Only time will tell.


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